CHS Eastern Farmers Intern Information

Every year CHS Eastern Farmers and CHS do an intern training in March to prepare interns for the summer.  The training includes information and expectations for the upcoming summer and ends in a fun event to help get to know the other interns.  At the end of the summer interns travel to the CHS Corporate office in the Twin Cities for a wrap-up session. At the wrap-up session interns get to meet CHS employees at the corporate office and learn about CHS as a global company.  Intern videos are also shown and awards given to the best videos.

CHS Eastern Farmers Opportunities
5 Agronomy Locations: Worthing, Garretson, Baltic, and Crooks in South Dakota and Magnolia in Minnesota.

Operations/Agronomy Internship

  • Load chemicals
  • Scout fields
  • Help with test plots and putting up signs
  • Ride with agronomists on sales calls
  • Learn to run sprayers and floaters
  • Learn precision ag program
  • Attend answer plots
  • Drive truck
  • Load fertilizer
  • Tissue sample
  • Soil sample
  • Deliver seed
  • Treat seed

Sales and Marketing Internship

  • Contact growers
  • Farm calls
  • Tissue test
  • Promote products
  • Fertilizer and foliar feed recommendations
  • Deliver chemical
  • Attend answer plots and test plots
  • Put up field signs,
  • Do follow-up calls on side by side trials

(Typically requires one prior internship or related experience.)

Kyle Heronimus
Agronomy Sales Manager


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CHS Interns from CHS Locations in SD, MN, and NE

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